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Looking for a Photographer?

My dream once was to be a Commercial Photographer, when leaving the art academy in Breda, The Netherlands.

And so I became!

The jobs have taken me to heavy & light industry, to agriculture & plant developing companies, commercial bureaus & newstarter's babylike ideas.

Engineers holding their fantastic new, revolutionary gadget in their hands, asking for a beautyful image of the creation.

So, after all these years of meetings with encouraging and enthusiastic image-needing persons, enterprises, people..,

portraits have become the main and most interesting product, something that I couldn't care less for, during my years at the academy. Except for people at

work, then.

Please, walk around here, on my site, and tell me what you saw, or thought and perhaps missed.


Fotograf Jan Nordén
Krafts torg 10b
223 50 Lund

Telefon: 046-13 16 48
E-post: fotograf.norden@telia.com